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Hidalgo et al. 2014. Contrasting evolutionary demography induced by fishing: the role of adaptive phenotypic plasticity.Ecological Applications Preprint

Vindenes et al. 2014. Effects of climate change on trait-based dynamics of a top predator in freshwater ecosystems. American Naturalist 183(2).

Ohlberger et al. 2013. Adaptive phenotypic diversification along a temperature-depth gradient. American Naturalist 182(3):359-373.

Ohlberger 2013. Climate warming and ectotherm body size – from individual physiology to community ecology. Functional Ecology 27:991-1001.

Ohlberger et al. 2013. Biotic and abiotic effects on cohort size distributions in fish. Oikos 122(6):835-844.

Rouyer et al. 2012. Does increasing mortality change the response of fish populations to environmental fluctuations? Ecology Letters 15:658-665.

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Jan Ohlberger

Keywords: climate warming, community interactions, density regulation, ecological speciation, harvesting, life-history, metabolic scaling, population dynamics, temperature, thermal adaptation

Research interests: Ecology, animal physiology and evolutionary biology

My research aims at understanding the functioning of living organisms and their interdependence with the abiotic world. I am particularly interested in the ecological and evolutionary responses of fish populations to climate change, exploitation and infectious diseases. One of my goals is to link physiological processes at the individual level with the population dynamics and the adaptive evolution of species. I use a variety of approaches including laboratory experiments, statistical analysis of time-series data, and mathematical models in combination with empirical data such as eco-evolutionary models, size-structured population models, and stage-based biomass models.

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