Recent publications

Ohlberger et al. 2014 When phenology matters: Age-size truncation alters population response to trophic mismatch. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 281(1793):20140938.

Hidalgo et al. 2014. Contrasting evolutionary demography induced by fishing: the role of adaptive phenotypic plasticity. Ecological Applications 24(5):1101–1114.

Ohlberger et al. 2014. Stochasticity and determinism: How density-independent and density-dependent processes affect population variability. PLoS ONE 9(6):e98940.

Vindenes et al. 2014. Effects of climate change on trait-based dynamics of a top predator in freshwater ecosystems. American Naturalist 183(2):243–256.

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Jan Ohlberger

Interests: Aquatic ecology, animal physiology and evolutionary biology

Keywords: age- and size-structure, climate change, density regulation, ecological speciation, harvesting, life-history, metabolic scaling, population dynamics, species interactions, temperature, thermal adaptation

My research aims at understanding how fish populations respond to changes in climate, exploitation by humans, and disease spread. I am interested in the ecological, physiological, and evolutionary aspects of these responses. To investigate my research questions, I use numerical models in combination with empirical data (e.g. age- and size-structured population models), statistical time-series analysis of large data sets, simulation modeling, state-space models, as well as lab experiments and fieldwork. I have worked on basic and applied issues in both marine and freshwater systems. Read more about my research interests here