Recent publications

Langangen et al. Cascading effects of mass mortality events in Arctic marine communities. Global Change Biology. Accepted.

Ohlberger et al. 2016. Population coherence and environmental impacts across spatial scales: a case study of Chinook salmon. Ecosphere.

Edeline et al. 2016. Pathogens trigger top‐down climate forcing on ecosystem dynamics. Oecologia.

Patin et al. 2016. Using a state-space population model to detect age-dependent species interactions. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.

Ohlberger and Langangen 2015. Population resilience to catastrophic mortality events during early life-stages. Ecological Applications.

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Jan Ohlberger

Interests: Aquatic ecology, animal physiology and evolutionary biology

Keywords: age- and size-structure, climate change, density regulation, ecological speciation, harvesting, life-history, metabolic scaling, population dynamics, species interactions, temperature, thermal adaptation

My research aims at understanding how fish populations respond to changes in climate, exploitation by humans, and disease spread. I am interested in the ecological, physiological, and evolutionary aspects of these responses. To investigate my research questions, I use numerical models in combination with empirical data (e.g. age- and size-structured population models), statistical time-series analysis of large data sets, simulation modeling, state-space models, as well as lab experiments and fieldwork. I have worked on basic and applied issues in both marine and freshwater systems. Read more about my research interests here